Universal Care Co (UCCo) is a family-run company. Servicing S.E. QLD we offer a collaborative approach to all aspects of our service delivery.

We have firsthand experience with the challenges and triumphs of living with a disability: Many of our team members have personal experience caring for family members and loved ones who live with disabilities, giving us a unique understanding of the daily struggles and joys that come with this journey.

We know that every person’s experience is different, which is why we take a compassionate and empathetic approach to service delivery that recognises the individuality of each client.

Our lived experiences have taught us the importance of providing support that is not only practical but also emotional, helping individuals and families navigate the ups and downs of life with a disability.

When you choose Universal Care Co as your disability support provider, you can be confident that you’re working with a team who truly understands what you’re going through and is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

We take pride in being a registered NDIS service provider across South East QLD, offering safety and support while ensuring your independence and control over the services and supports you receive.

The pillars of choice, dignity and inclusion are at the heart of everything we do, and this stems from lived experience with family members and loved ones conquering life with a disability.


Take control of your own life and achieve greater independence, dignity, and wellbeing.

Choice means having the power to make informed decisions about who will provide you with the services and support that best meet your needs.

It means being able to research and compare different providers based on their qualifications, experience, reputation, and values.

It also means being able to communicate your preferences, goals, and expectations with your chosen provider and having a say in how your services are delivered.


Choosing a provider that respects your dignity can help you feel more confident, empowered, and fulfilled as you navigate the challenges of living with a disability.

Dignity means being treated with respect, compassion, and empathy.

It means having your unique needs, preferences, and goals recognised and valued by your provider.

It also means having access to services and support that enable you to live a fulfilling life on your own terms, without discrimination or prejudice.

A provider that upholds dignity will prioritise your autonomy, privacy, safety, and wellbeing in every aspect of their service delivery.


Choosing an inclusive provider can help you feel more connected, supported, and empowered as you build meaningful relationships and contribute to society in meaningful ways.

Inclusion means having access to services and support that enable you to participate fully in your community, regardless of your abilities or disabilities.

It means being able to pursue your interests, hobbies, and career aspirations with the same opportunities as anyone else.

An inclusive provider will have a diverse and culturally competent team that reflects the communities they serve, and they will work collaboratively with you and other stakeholders to create personalised plans that align with your goals and values.

We consider it a privilege to be a part of your life and proactively opening pathways through what can so often be a challenging journey.

We build a team based on your needs for you
(NOT from a pool of workers)

Empowering people with disabilities
through quality care.

Confused?  Overwhelmed?  Scared?  Intimidated?

Don’t worry, we have the expertise to guide you through every step of your journey.

As the participant, you play a key role in the design and implementation of your supports, and the ongoing management of these by our amazing carers and other assisting staff.

The Participant Advisory Group

At UCCo, we recently launched a new initiative to further demonstrate our transparency and commitment to you as our client and it is called “The Participant Advisory Group”.

This group is made up solely of our NDIS participants, where we have an even greater opportunity to listen to your needs or concerns, discuss what you think our company could do better, and work together to create a completely holistic experience for everyone.

We consider it a privilege to be a part of your life and proactively opening pathways through what can so often be a challenging journey.

"We invite you to contact us today to discuss the support you need for everyday living."

Don’t know where to begin? We’re here to assist you.